Through Bobo von Worldintal's lineage you can trace some of Germany's most sought after Rottweilers of today.

Bobo von Worldintal is admirably strong in the German Rottweiler breed type. He is a medium large powerfully built male Rottweiler. Bobo's fine traits include:

  • Beautifully Muscled
  • Tone and Lean
  • Extremely Powerful Head Piece
  • Pronounced Chiseled Stop
  • Short Broad Muzzle
  • Dark Eyes
  • Excellent Structure
  • Tremendous Bone Strength
  • Beautiful Mahogany Color

Bobo von Worldintal one of most exciting young Rottweiler males on the show circuit. You will always find him in the top placings and recently was V1 Rated. He went on to earn the ARV National Sieger'09. He has also earned the ARV Youth Sieger of '08, USRC NW Regional Youth Sieger'08, V2 at the USRC National Sieger Show '08 and V1 at the NIRK NorCal Regional Sieger Show '08.

Bobo is the complete German Rottweiler who has a world class show and working pedigree. The titles he has earned match many of Germany's all time top conformation and working Rottweilers. Bobo von Worldintal titles include:

  • DT/VDH Chanpions
  • Vise World Siegers
  • World Youth Siegers
  • ADRK Klub Youth Siegers
  • ADRK Bundesiegers
  • ADRK Youth Bundesiegers
  • European Youth Siegers
  • Austrian Bundesiegers
  • Austrian Youth Bundesiegers
  • International Champions