Bobo von Worldintal Portrait

When you hear "Von Worldintal" you know it is something to see.

As a toddler, my first dog was given to me by my great grand-mother. She gave me a pure breed bird dog. In the 60's, hunting dogs were the dominating breeds in Alabama. He was a predominately white with light brown spots. Because of his wagging tail, we named him waggie.

That cemented me as a dog person for life.

My relatives as a hole loved German Shepherd's, so for a while I was led in that direction. Then came my infusion, which was the Doberman Pincher. It was said by my relatives, that I was going towards the left, which was an old southern saying "your going in the wrong direction". Dobermans gained huge popularity during the late 60's and 70's, so I was proud of my dog. I loved the color, at that time almost all the Dobermans were black and tan. But I kept trying to breed them with more bone and heads.

One day my grand father, who was the matriarch of the family, brought home a pup. It was a mix, dark brown in color; so we named him brownie. He told us that Brownie's mother was a Doberman, and the father was a German Shepard. Brownie grew up to become a medium size robust dog, with strong bone and a thick head. A great guardian, he made my grand parents feel safe for many years. When I reflect back on him now I'd say he was a brown Rottweiler with a tail.

A movie was released in the theaters, during the late 70's called " The Omen". I was so fascinated with the dog in this movie I could not stop dreaming of it. Since then, Von Worldintal has been breeding Rottweilers for over twenty years.

As a breeder you must seek out a type, and stay true to it. Equally important is the working attitude. For me; my dogs must enjoy the work, its seen in their enthusiasm in obedience, to the tracking field, and finding a helper in the blinds. I started importing dogs in the late 80's for myself and a few select clients. An import from Germany, Kassan Von Leinetal was given to me by Volker Czechowski. This dog changed my idea of the breed. I had other dogs during that era but this dog gave me a true understanding of a real Rottweiler.

Kassan, a son of DM Karo Vom Schwaiger Wappen, brought conformation as well as hardness to my breed program. Before, I looked only for the working dogs. Kassan scored 99.9 in protection and was always V in all phases of Schutzhund, was also shown in German style shows, and placed in the top four. Later I implemented Norris, Cuno, Ken and Chris, who improved on head and bone.

In the last few years I have imported some of the finest dogs ever brought to this country, and I continue to be one of the top producing breeders. So when you hear Von Worldintal, you know it is something to see.

Tim Hundley


Rottweiler Clubs We Support

  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler KlubAllgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub. This is the official governing body for Rottweilers in Germany. The ADRK is accepted worldwide as the Rottweiler breed parent organization.
  • United States Rottweiler Club United States Rottweiler Club. An organization in the US that emulates the ADRK and sponsors "German style" events including conformation shows and working trials.
  • American Rottweiler VereinAmerican Rottweiler Verein. An organization in the US that emulates the ADRK and sponsors "German style" events including conformation shows and working trials.